Monday, September 21, 2015

Fine Art Survey and Aboriginal Art

One of the most exciting things about this new school year is my new class- Fine Art Survey!  It is offered to 8th grade students only and they get to earn high school credit for the class.  And I get to teach some more in depth art history, some theater, dance, and music too!!  Some of those things I'm really excited about, some I'm really nervous.  Music is not really my strong suit, let's just say my piano teacher asked me to please not come back when I was in middle school...

We started off with prehistoric art, including everything from cave paintings, to Stonehenge, to Australian Aboriginal art.  Super cool stuff!  After we discussed all of these exciting things. we moved on to some more hands on learning- in the form of abstract Aboriginal style sculptures!!

I saw this amazing picture online (here), and just knew I had to do this with one of my classes.  As it happened, I felt it really fit perfectly in with my Fine Art Survey curriculum!  We started off with some wood blocks pre-drilled with two holes, some sculpture wire, and some hot glue.  We hot glued the two ends of the wire into the two holes in the wood blocks, and then the kids started bending and twisting the wire into an interesting shape.

Now the fun part.... we stretch knee-high panty hose over the entire piece and started painting our background colors


To finish it off, the students used Aboriginal symbols and the over-dotting technique to add a truly beautiful design to their pieces.  Amazing!!




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