Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Smile!!! It's a Photo Booth!!

My art club and I are taking on an exciting new endeavor to raise funds for our art program.  First and foremost, we are raising money for our class field trip- I would like to take all of my art club students on a field trip to Houston's Museum of Modern Art and then lunch at It'z, and I would like it not to cost them anything.  So, we have to make sure that we keep money in our account for that purpose.  I am also interested in getting a potter's wheel for our classroom.  I think it would add some really fantastic opportunities for my art students.  However, they are a bit on the pricey side.  Say, somewhere in the $1,000 range give or take a little bit...  So, that's going to take us a little while to build up to.  But that's my ultimate goal!

So, I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with some neat ideas that we could do as a fundraiser.  One that wouldn't require too much additional time out of school to do (like a dance for example).  After talking with a few of the other teachers, we came up with the idea of a photo booth!  I spent a little time researching it, and I think it's going to be great!

First, we had to make some props....

Then come up with a cool backdrop....

After trying a few different ideas, I found this app on the App store for my iPad- best of all, it's free!!!  It makes everything easy breezy!  All I have to do is export the pictures and have them printed up.  Thank you SAMS Club!!

We spend some time sorting pictures for delivery....

And bam!  The students get their pictures Monday afternoon :)  Like I said, easy peasy!!

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