Friday, January 23, 2015

The Legacy Lives On... Stark Museum of Art Exhibit

The students have been hard at work on this particular project, and are super excited by the prospect of their artwork hanging in a museum gallery!  The day after our museum educator came to visit we spent some time researching animals of North America.  I had gone to the school library and checked out quite a few books about animals for the students to flip through, and they also had access to computers to find additional information.

While the museum had a few rules and requirements for the project, I decided to add a few more to increase our "cross-curricular" learning.  I had the students include the scientific names of the animals, what they ate, and some interesting detail about how their animal was suited/ adapted to their environment.  I also let them use the term animal loosely- we included reptiles, amphibian, and insects as possible subjects.

Then it was on to the preliminary sketching.  We created a few little gesture thumbnail sketches to get some ideas on composition.  From there, we picked our favorite one- the one we thought was most striking or impactful (one of the ways the artworks were going to be judged was on the impact of the image).  We then drew this composition to size (9x12).

Next came some artistic decisions- did we want this to look very realistic or did we want it to be more stylized?  What medium did we want to use?  I helped guide students decisions on mediums depending on their composition.  I wasn't about to let them use a medium that I didn't think would suit the composition- that would be setting them up for failure!

Now, on to the final product.  Depending on what medium was chosen, students may have needed to transfer their drawing onto another surface.  If this was necessary I showed them a few tricks of the trade.  Otherwise they just went to town on their drawing.

Check back soon to see the finished work!!!

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