Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kandinsky Tiles

This year, I was supremely blessed to get both a full-time, permanent position teaching art and a brand spanking new classroom.  While my classroom is lovely, it lacks personality.  I will be doing some DIY "classroom" improvement projects to increase the functionality and personality of our room.

So, as a farewell project for my students, and as a "classroom" improvement project, we are creating clay Kandinsky tiles.  I will be using these tiles to tile the backsplash around my sink area.  Here's a "before" shot.

So, first I had my students roll slabs of clay on the slab roller.  Then we used a tile cutter to cut 4" tiles (We cut out 125 tiles!!!).  Then we let them dry out for at least a week (one tip- make sure you flip them over several times during the first day you cut them.  If not, they will curve up and you won't have flat tiles).  Next, I bisque fired them, and finally I let the kids loose on them.

The only guidelines were to use Kandinsky's Concentric Circles as inspiration and they couldn't use black in their rings.  The reason for this was that I wanted them to write their name or initials in black when they were finished with the rings.  A permanent reminder of my first group of students here :).  Here's some pictures of them in progress....

Check back soon to see the finished tiles!

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