Wednesday, January 14, 2015

John James Audubon

So, this year we have a very exciting opportunity to work with the Stark Museum of Art.  They are hosting an exhibit on John James Audubon called Drawn to Life:  Audubon's Legacy.  In conjunction with the Audubon exhibit they are also putting on a student exhibit called The Legacy Lives On.  This is a juried K-12 art show featuring student work inspired by the art of John James Audubon.  Here's a link to the museums page about the student exhibit.

On Tuesday, we had a museum educator come out and talk to the students about Audubon, the upcoming exhibit, the project requirements, the museum itself, and all sorts of great things.  We learned all about Audubon's process and how he created his "Birds of America" book- which is a 5 volume, double elephant-folio (which means each page is about 2 feet by 3 feet!!).  The museum educator told us that it takes 3 people to turn each page because they are so large (and old)!

Did you know that all of his birds were drawn life size??  That's incredible!  He also discovered 25 new species of birds during this massive undertaking of his.  He drew over 1,000 birds during his lifetime- that is mind blowing!

This is a project that all of my students will be doing.  My Art Club students will each be submitting a piece for the exhibit.  They will be doing 2 pieces total- one composition two different media.  The first will be a traditional pencil drawing, the second will be their choice.  More on that to come later.

My students will be creating just one piece, although I am going to be using several different media choices depending on grade level.  I am going to use scratchboard, block printing, and painting (not sure if I'm going to use acrylics or watercolors yet...).

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