Friday, December 19, 2014

The fish are finished!!!

And boy are they amazing!!  They look even better than I could have hoped.  Now comes the insanely difficult task of choosing just one to submit for the "Fins and Feathers" art show in the spring.  I am going to have to enlist the help of some of my fellow teachers, because I just don't think I can choose one!

Without further ado... here they are!!
A shark

A koi fish (and that's a duck call in its mouth)

A fancy koi fish

A lantern fish

Another koi fish

An angel fish

A sea turtle

A "cat" fish

A marlin

My students are absolutely the most talented in the world ;)  I am going to be taking a bit of a hiatus over the holidays, but I will see ya'll in January!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ceramic Fish Wall Hangings

Every year, Calcasieu Parish hosts a student art exhibit.  Each year there is a different theme- in the past we have done "Black and White", "Green Works", and a host of other 'fun' themes.  This year, the theme is "Fins and Feathers".  The feathers side of the exhibit is two-dimensional works of art that depict birds in some way.  The fins side of the world is three-dimensional depictions of fish with the caveat that they must be able to hang on a wall.  Hence, the ceramic fish wall-hanging project.  Quite possibly my most favorite project I have ever done.

Here's the lesson plan Clay Fish Lesson Plan

We started off by doing some visual research on ceramic fish sculptures- and wow.  There are a multitude of amazing fish sculptures out there.  From there the students drew out a design on paper for their fish sculptures, and can I just tell you, their creativity blew me away!  We have lantern fish, sharks, koi fish, a "cat" fish, angel fish, marlin, sea turtles, even a "fancy" fish!  Next, it was on to the clay...

Students received slabs of clay which they shaped into their fish; keeping in mind that they had to be flat on the bottom so that the sculptures could be hung on the wall.  We used newspaper to drape the slabs of clay over so they wouldn't flatten out.  They added a piece of slab to the back side of their fish (which we poked holes into for hanging purposes).

They coiled, rolled slabs, carved, and slipped and scored to their hearts content!  After the fish dried out for over a week (it's pretty humid here in south Louisiana), I bisque fired them.  Now on to the glazing...

One more firing session to go and they will be finished!!  Check back soon for the finished product :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Brand New Adventure...

Well, this is a new experiment  for me.  I decided recently that I needed a new outlet for sharing all the wonderful things my middle schoolers are creating in art.  So, I decided to create a blog- *gasp*!  Like I really have time for that?  Oh sure!  4 kids don't keep me busy at all...

Anyways, I digress...

My goal is to use this blog as a way to keep the community up to date with all of the crazy happenings in the classroom.  I will be posting pictures of student artwork, news about upcoming exhibits, and other school events.

Wish me luck!!

So, here's a sneak peek at a quick little Christmas project my students are working on currently.  As they finish up their final "real" project with me, I am having them create a zentangle Christmas tree to put out in the hallway.  For those of you who don't know what a zentangle is.... it's a fancy word that means doing a drawing with a lot of intricate looking patterns :)

Without further ado.... here's a few of the finished trees!

I'll be posting some other projects the students have completed soon, so keep checking back!!